It was apparent at a very young age that Lassalle’s passion for fashion and design would enable him to provide a new and unique direction within the Fashion industry.

Lassalle attended Fashion Institute of Technology where he studied fashion design and (CAD) computer aid design, learning about fabrication and how to create his own prints and patterns. Utilizing his education and trend forecasting background, he introduced fresh perspectives to visual culture which enabled him to work with top American design houses.

After 15 years of designing men’s and women’s fashion, he realized he wanted to create trends and not just design them. Lassalle immediately began building his clientele and it wasn’t long before he was styling for magazines, campaigns, music video and celebrities.

Lassalle's styling aesthetic is inspired by his travels to fashion capitals like Paris, London and Hong Kong and by their respective cultures. “I believe there is no fashion no-nos… I believe you have to turn what you’re wearing into fashion, by owning it...” notes Lassalle. His love of blending colors, prints and patterns in a way that makes you look twice is what makes this trendsetter a standout among the rest.

Being able to teach, assist, and organize his clients’ styling needs is a truly rewarding experience for him. He enjoys the challenge of managing multiple campaigns, spearheading product launches and participating in advertising and branding initiatives. Lassalle is now working with many award wining directors, photographer and Editor in Chief of magazines. Lassalle continues his passion and is excited to see what's next in his career…

Lassalle doesn’t like to hear "If it's not broken, don’t fix it." He likes to break it so "he can reinvent it!"

"Steven Lassalle has been an amazing addition to our worldwide family. His vision as fashion stylist is unique. constantly developing new projects with the best teams. Definitely, someone to keep in your radar if you want to be part of the fashion business."

Editor-in-Chief, QPmag